19.01.2020 at 11.00  Workshop "Acid Peels by KEENWELL" (training in English)
19.01.2020 at 11.00 Workshop "Acid Peels by KEENWELL" (training in English)
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Dear cosmetologists,

We are inviting you to the training seminar on acid peels "REGE PEEL" from the professional Spanish brand Keenwell! Exclusive system with unique innovative active ingredients obtained as a result of the most advanced cosmetology research.

The seminar is conducted by Ms.Ona Petreanu, a leading beauty trainer of the professional brand Keenwell (Barcelona, Spain)

Тraining in English!!


The peeling system is designed for 4-6 procedures, which are carried out once a week. The set includes 3 peels:

 • Step 1  (lactic acid - 30%, aloe vera - 5%; pH = 3.8);

 • Step 2  (glycolic acid - 30%, arbutin - 2%, kojic acid - 1%; pH = 2.8);

 • Step 3  (mandelic acid - 25%, DMAE - 5%; pH = 3.5).

One month after the course, the intercellular substance of the dermis becomes denser, the number of collagen and elastin fibers increases, the skin is visually smoothed and tightened. An aesthetic result is achieved by stimulating proliferative and synthetic processes in the epidermis and dermis without damaging the cells.

 In the programme:

 1. Theoretical part: Overview of products, formulations, basic ingredients and protocols of procedures.

 2. Practical part: demonstration of the protocol procedure on the model.

 Certificate is issued at the end of the workshop.

 The workshop will be held at: Seestrasse 105, 8700, Küsnacht